Which Bach Wrote What?

A Cumulative Approach to Clarification of Three Disputed Works

The following links will take you to my dissertation (broken into its major subsections in order to keep file sizes relatively small). The files are in pdf format.
Abstract (2 pages, ca. 46 KB)
Front Matter, Introduction, Chapters 1-5 (207 pages, ca. 1100 KB)
Full score to the Riga E-flat concerto (41 pages, ca. 777 KB)
Full score to the Riga A-major concerto (51 pages, ca. 914 KB)
Full score to the sextet (34 pages, ca. 658 KB)
Appendices, Bibliography (60 pages, ca. 378 KB)

This dissertation was accepted at the University of Michigan in March of 1998 and is © 1998, Mark W. Knoll

I can be reached via e-mail at mark@mknoll.com